About Butler Monk

About Butler Monk

Butler Monk Solicitors is a fast growing Corporate and Private Client Practice based in 12 Camden Row, Dublin 8 near the city centre. Since its set up in March 2009 the firm has grown year on year since its establishment through our commitment to the highest standards both in legal work undertaken and in the care and attention given to our clients.

We are dedicated to providing a consistently high standard in all work undertaken. We take a practical approach to resolving issues for our clients looking for the most satisfactory results within their budget. We work hard with our clients looking for tailored legal solutions to their individual requirements.

At Butler Monk we pride ourselves on our level of communication with clients providing them with regular updates – we understand that smart direct communication is the cornerstone of a successful practice. We believe that this communication extends beyond legal advice and we are committed to providing clear advice at all times on the issue of legal costs, complexity of file and timelines for case completion.

Butler Monk Solicitors have a distinct advantage in that we have a qualified legal costs accountant working within the practice and so we are able to provide highly detailed advice on court fees and the costing associated with running litigation matters in the various court systems in the state. Where costs form an important part of a client’s case having the right advice can prove invaluable and give you a decided advantage.

Our firm provides a wide ranging legal service with each of our solicitors experts in their respective areas.

If we can be of assistance to you please contact us on (01) – 479 3209/479 3299/ 479 3281 or alternatively e-mail us at info@butlermonk.ie